No 1. Japanese Take-Away in Southbank, Melbourne!

We infuse a Japanese twist into the traditional Poké bowl and classic Tacos.

Our commitment to excellence starts with sourcing the freshest Australian ingredients available.

Welcome to PokéKura!

At the core of our mission lies the dedication to crafting food that is not only fresh, but also brimming with health benefits and irresistibly delicious, all while ensuring a speedy service.

Our unwavering pledge is to deliver an exceptional experience to our valued customers, characterized by top-notch customer service, unparalleled quality, and pure gastronomic delight. If, by any chance, you find yourself less than satisfied, our dedicated staff is always ready and willing to assist you.
Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

Our Menu

Wagyu Aburi Truffle
$16.9 (Reg)   $19.9 (Upsized)

brown & wild rice, mixed salad, wagyu kiriotoshi, red pickles, edamame, radish, tobiko, truffle mayo sauce

Umami Chicken Teriyaki
$15.9 (Reg)   $18.9 (Upsized)

sushi rice, mixed salad, chicken teriyaki, cucumber, edamame, radish, carrot, nori chips, sesame dressing sauce

Chicken Nara
$15.9 (Reg)   $18.9 (Upsized)

sushi rice, mixed salad, chicken tatsuta, cucumber, red pickles, edamame, nori slices, carbonara sauce

Hawaiian Bowl
$16.9 (Reg)   $19.9 (Upsized)

brown & wild rice, mixed salad, raw tuna, cucumber, carrot, radish, avocado, pokékura sauce

Ebi Nara Bowl
$16.9 (Reg)  $19.9 (Upsized)

sushi rice, mixed salad, prawn tatare katsu, cucumber, edamame, nori chips, tobiko, carbonara sauce

Hakkaomane Tofu
$13.9 (Reg)   $15.9 (Upsized)

brown & wild rice, mixed salad, bean sprout, tofu, fermented beans, eggplant tempura, boiled egg, peanut & lime leaves sauce

Ocean Delight
$16.9 (Reg)   $19.9 (Upsized)

brown & wild rice, mixed salad, raw salmon (marinated), cucumber, avocado, edamame, furikake, sesame dressing sauce

Umami Salmon Teriyaki
$16.9 (Reg)   $19.9 (Upsized)

sushi rice, mixed cabbage, salmon teriyaki, edamame, red pickles, avacado, almond crunch, sesame dressing sauce

Chicken Teriyaki Twist   $6.5
Chicken Nara Taco   $8.0
Wagyu Trffule Taco   $8.5
Salmon Teriyaki Twist   $7.5
Ocean Delight Taco   $7.5
Hawaiian Taco $7.5
Krabby Taco   $7.5
Hakkomame Tofu Taco $4.5
Beef Croquette   $4 ea
Tofu Fish Nuggets   $5 (3pcs) $7 (5 pcs)
Mini Red Bean Taiyaki   $5 (3pcs) $7 (5pcs)
Mini Custard Taiyaki   $6 (3pcs) $8 (5pcs)

1. size it!

Choose either Regular for $12.9 or Upsized for $15.9

2. base it!

Choose your base from 6 different offering of rice, salad or soba noodles

3. protein it!

Choose your protein from 8 different offerings. Choice of chicken, beef, seafood, or vegetables. (additional charges may be applicable)

4. green it!

Choose 3 from any of the 9 different greens

5. top it!

Choose 1 of the 5 toppings

6. sauce it!

Choose from the 7 sauces

7. add it!

Add any extras for $1.5 each

Ramune Original   $4.0
Ramune Flavoured   $4.5

strawberry, melon, lychee

Kirin Namacha   $4.5
Kirin Kocha Lemon Tea   $4.5
Water   $3.5
Pocari Sweat   $5.6
Soya Milk   $5.6

matcha, coffee, banana

Kombucha   $5.9

ginger lemon, raspberry lemonade, apple crisp, cherry plum, lemon lime & mint, peach

Soft-drinks   $4.9

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